The Newtown Scholarship Association, Inc. invites all Newtown residents graduating from high school to apply for awards under their administration whether they attend public, private or parochial schools.

Each year our awards committee interviews an outstanding group of high school seniors. There is a review of scholastic information as well as activities and work history. Scholarships are awarded to those on the basis of the family’s financial need. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) report guides us in this determination.

Are you graduating in June 2019?
The Application for 2019 graduating seniors is available.

Applications for 2019 seniors should be completed and postmarked by April 1, 2019

  • Newtown High School students: You may download the application below or you can download the application from your Naviance account. After you have completed and submitted your application to NSA you will need to contact the NHS Career Center to assist in scheduling your interview.

  • For Newtown residents not attending Newtown High School: Please download the application noted below. You may also need to contact your guidance or career office to assist you with the required letter of recommendation. Please also advise them of your signing of the application that gives permission of NSA to request your transcript/grade information.

The Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship

The Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship is available annually to a graduating senior from Newtown.  The recipient will receive $10,000 to be applied to their undergraduate college tuition.  The recipient will have an opportunity to receive this scholarship in each of the four years of his/her college career.  A complete application for continuing aid will need to be submitted annually in order for the student to be eligible for the scholarship during the student’s sophomore, junior and senior years.

In order to be selected for the Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship, the student must meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated financial need

  • Exemplary work ethic

  • Integrity

  • Positive mental attitude

  • Highly motivated and goal oriented

To apply for the Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship, the student must complete and submit an application to Newtown Scholarship Association (NSA) by March 1, 2019.

Please download the application for the Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship noted below.

Please note those students who submit a complete application for the Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship and who are not selected to be the recipient will automatically qualify for consideration for the various other scholarships available from the Newtown Scholarship Association.

Are you a Continuing Aid Scholarship Recipient?

Applications for Continuing Aid should be completed and postmarked by June 1, 2019

  • This application is for students who are:

    • Currently receiving a scholarship from NSA and would like to continue

    • College students who are Newtown residents, and were residents of Newtown at the time of high school graduation, not currently a scholarship recipient but would now like to apply.

If you are not planning to return to school or have transferred schools, please advise the Awards Committee at

All scholarship recipients are required to confirm they are returning to the same school for the second semester.  Please confirm by November 15th with Treasurer, Glenn Nanavaty at

Scholarship Awards Committee

Julie Savino, Chair
Sherri Baggett, Assistant Chair
Pat Kelley
Ted Kohler
Margaret McCarthy
Glenn Nanavaty
Valerie Principi