New Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship

Source: Eliza Hallabeck of the Newtown Bee

A new scholarship, being offered through the Newtown Scholarship Association, is designed to offer one graduating Newtown High School student more options when selecting a college to attend.

The Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship will offer one student $10,000 for each of the four years of college. Lin Hertberg, one of the founders of the scholarship, explained he hopes the scholarship offers a student the chance to reevaluate college choices. The scholarship is being announced at a time when many students are still applying to attend college in the fall.

The deadline to apply for the Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship is March 1. Mr Hertberg said the deadline is earlier than other scholarships because the foundation wants the student who is chosen to be able to make the decision about which college to attend knowing that more money is available to the student. It could make the different between selecting a college with a higher tuition or a lower tuition.

As this is the first year the scholarship is available, Mr Hertberg said, “I would like to have as many people understand this is available and apply.”

Newtown Scholarship Association President Ted Kohler said his association was first notified about the scholarship in the fall.

“I thought it was a fantastic idea,” said Mr Kohler, adding that he thinks the Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship will be a tremendous success.

Mr Kohler and Newtown Scholarship Association board member Sherri Baggett worked to arrange the scholarship with the foundation. The Newtown Scholarship Association’s mission, Mr Kohler said, has always been to offer need-basis assistance, and the new scholarship is consistent with that practice.

The plan for the new scholarship, according to Mr Hertberg, is to make it available annually to a new graduating NHS student. Mr Hertberg and his daughters — Ann, Bonnie, and Holly — created the family foundation and organized the scholarship. Part of the inspiration for the scholarship was Mr Hertberg’s late wife, Bernal, who he said was active in the community and passed away in the mid-1990s. Mr Hertberg first moved to Newtown in 1971 from Ridgefield, and he hopes his daughters and his grandchildren will take over running the Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship eventually.

“We’d love to have this motivate a lot of people to apply for the [scholarship],” Mr Hertberg said.

According to the Newtown Scholarship Association, the details for the Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship are, “The recipient will receive $10,000 to be applied to their undergraduate college tuition. The recipient will have an opportunity to receive this scholarship in each of the four years of his/her college career. A complete application for continuing aid will need to be submitted annually in order for the student to be eligible for the scholarship during the student’s sophomore, junior, and senior years. In order to be selected for the Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship, the student must meet the following criteria: demonstrated financial need, exemplary work ethic, integrity, positive mental attitude, [and] highly motivated and goal oriented.”

Students who apply for the scholarship also have to write an essay. Students can choose to write an essay based on the prompt, “Discuss a passion, how you pursue it, any obstacles you have had to overcome in its pursuit and the role it plays in your life” or on the prompt, “What goals have you established for yourself and what have you done to achieve them?” To apply for the Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship, the student must complete and submit an application to Newtown Scholarship Association by March 1. The application is available to download online at

Students who apply to the Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship will fill out both the general Newtown Scholarship Association application and the Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship application, which means all students who apply but are not selected will also be considered for other scholarships.

According to Mr Kohler, the Newtown Scholarship Association helped 170 students this past year, including continuing aid for college students.

“The last giving cycle represented $330,000,” said Mr Kohler.

The general deadline for applying for scholarships through the Newtown Scholarship Association is April 1.

The Newtown Scholarship Association will oversee the applications and essays for the Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship and any follow-up interviews with students.

The Newtown Scholarship Association was founded in 1937 and it holds two major fundraising events annually, a charity golf outing and a dinner in September. The events are announced on its website, according to Mr Kohler.

“There is a longstanding history of many families in town who have named and memorial scholarships established, and we are very proud to be entrusted with those funds by folks in this community,” said Mr Kohler.


Beer, Bourbon and BBQ on Saturday, September 24th

Over the course of the Newtown Scholarship Association’s 79 year history we have held a number of different fundraisers which has allowed us to provide more then $4 million in financial aid through need based scholarships.  You may have participated in our annual golf fundraiser or attended one of our galas.  This year we thought let’s forget the tuxedos and high heels and break out our jeans and cowboy boots and celebrate Beer, Bourbon and BBQ.  


Please join us on September 24, 2016 at 6PM at Michael’s at the Grove located at 42 Vail Road in Bethel, CT.  Tickets are $125.00 each or $100 for a table of ten.  Tickets can be purchased through the NSA’s


We will feature free craft beer tasting from Two Roads Brewery and free bourbon tasting from Hartley and Parker.  For those interested in another kind of bar, The Creamery will be donating their ice cream for our “sundae bar”.  In addition, there will be live auction items including a Bourbon Tasting Trip to Kentucky and a Sam Adams brewery tour in Boston. We will also have a wonderful weekend in New York city with an overnight stay including a broadway play and dinner. Our silent auction items will feature “Around Newtown Basket”, Lady Luck Lottery, Beer and Bourbon baskets and select designer handbags just to name a few. To get your energy level up for all this fundraising we will have line dancing and the live band Whiskey and Rye.


This year the NSA awarded more then $430,000 to 175 deserving students helping make the dream of a college degree a reality for hundreds of young people in Newtown.  The scholarships are funded through the generous donations of local businesses and individuals, and through named memorial and honorary scholarships. In addition to supporting a worthy cause, the BBQ will pay tribute to one of the NSA’s most dedicated and enthusiastic supporters.  A woman who believed that all students have the right to a secondary education regardless of financial circumstances - the late Betty Lou Osborne.  We believe she would appreciate our Party with a Purpose!


We hope you will join us for an evening of fun, food, dancing and spirits!

Champs Crowned At Newtown Scholarship Association’s Jack Friel Memorial Golf Scramble

From the Newtown Bee
The Newtown Scholarship Association (NSA) hosted the 24th Annual Jack Friel Memorial Golf Scramble at Newtown’s two golf courses on June 20. Newtown Country Club and Rock Ridge Country Club hosted the event and there were two sets of overall winners.

Frank Gavel, Bob Watson, Chris Watson, and Mike Johnson won at Rock Ridge Country Club (Bee Photo, Baggett)

With youth on its side the Newtown High School team won at Newtown Country Club. Representing Newtown High are sophomore Ryan Patrick, seniors Colin Patrick and Matt Davis, and junior Michael Myer.

With lots of talent and experience on their side, the team of Frank Gavel, Bob Watson, Chris Watson and Mike Johnson took home the championship at Rock Ridge Country Club. At last count prior to finishing 18 holes, the team had recorded 16 birdies.

The team of Ryan Patrick, Colin Patrick, Matt Davis, and Michael Myer won the Newtown Scholarship Association's 24th annual Jack Friel Memorial Golf Scramble at Newtown Country Club. (Bee Photo, Baggett)

The NSA has been successful for 42 years promoting The Jack Friel golf scramble, each year helping to raise funds contributing to its mission: to help put a college education within reach for every high school graduate living in Newtown. This year 54 students from the high school class of 2016 have been awarded need-based scholarships totaling approximately $108,000. That amount, coupled with the continuing aid to students already in college, brings the 2016 scholarship awards to a record $430,000.

Since 1937, NSA has awarded almost $5 million in financial aid to support the college education of the students in our community. These record numbers reflect the continuing and growing need among Newtown families for assistance to meet the cost of higher education. Participants of the Jack Friel Memorial Golf Scramble continue to make a difference with their participation in the golf tournament.

Local Business Owners Raise Money and Establish the Newtown Strong Scholarship Award

Scott and Carla Johnson founded the Newtown Strong Fund to support members of the Newtown community following the tragedy of December 14, 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Newtown Scholarship Association President, Glenn Nanavaty (center), accepts a donation in the amount $22,239.52 from Scott and Carla Johnson, owners of Mack Media Group and founders of the Newtown Strong Fund.

As the parents of two young children, the Johnsons, residents of Bethel, CT, shared the grief of those families directly and indirectly affected by the tragedy. They felt a profound desire to support families in neighboring Newtown.

The Johnsons decided to establish scholarships for college-bound high-school students in Newtown. To raise money for the scholarship fund, the Johnsons—owners of in Brookfield—created and sold t-shirts. The company, which creates customized apparel for businesses, donated the shirts, labor, and related costs.

To help the Newtown Fund reach potential scholarship recipients and distribute the awards, the Johnsons chose as their partner the Newtown Scholarship Association , which has more than 75 years of experience providing need-based scholarships to college-bound high school graduates. To be eligible for a scholarship, students must reside in Newtown and have a demonstrated financial need.

Newtown Strong sold more than 600 shirts and raised over $22,000. In March 2016, Newtown Strong presented a check for $22,239.52 to the Newtown Scholarship Association.

Many local businesses supported the Newtown Strong team’s efforts, including Famous Pizza, Bethel; Bobbi Jo Beers, Bethel Chamber of Commerce; graphic designer Dan Hollander; and Danbury attorney Joe Romanello.

Scott Johnson is also the owner of Mack Media Group in Brookfield, CT, a full-service marketing company that specializes in online marketing. Through targeted marketing efforts, Mack Media strives to help businesses and individuals establish an online business presence.

Among its services, Mack Media creates mobile-responsive web sites, provides social-media branding services, and develops search marketing campaigns, giving clients visibility at the top of various search engines and driving customers to their web sites.

Savings Bank of Danbury Continues Its Support of Newtown Scholarship Association

In a gesture of continued support for the future of Newtown's youth, Saving Bank of Danbury donated $2,500 to the Savings Bank of Danbury Foundation Scholarship which is administered by Newtown Scholarship Association.

Beth Ann Fetzer, Community Development Officer/AVP of Savings Bank of Danbury presents a check for $2,500 to Glenn Nanavaty, Board President and Treasurer for Newtown Scholarship Association.

Since the formation of the Savings Bank of Danbury Foundation in 2004, over $1.4 million has been distributed to area nonprofits. In 2015, the Foundation awarded $162,500 to 56 agencies. The awards represent a 5% increase in contribution over the previous year.

Torpedoes Swim Laps To Benefit Scholarship Association

From The Newtown Bee - By Andy Hutchison
The Newtown Torpedoes, a Parks & Recreation-sponsored swim program, held its annual Swim-A-Thon at Newtown High School on January 9. Money raised goes to the Newtown Scholarship Association to support The Daniel Barden Newtown Torpedo Scholarship, and also benefits the youth swim program.

Photo: Andy Hutchison
Newtown Torpedoes swim team members participAted in the annual Swim-A-Thon at Newtown High School on January 9. Money raised goes to the Newtown Scholarship Association to support The Daniel Barden Newtown Torpedo Scholarship, and also benefits the youth swim program.

The scholarship goes to a graduating Newtown High School swimmer in memory of Daniel Barden, a Torpedoes teammate who died on 12/14.

This year’s event included 66 swimmers, ages 6-14, who swam a total of 8,630 lengths of the pool, or 215,750 yards.

“They once again exceeded my expectations,” said event coordinator Lisa Irving, also an assistant coach with the Torpedoes. “It’s just awesome to see the kids come out and do this. It’s above and beyond sometimes what they think they can do.”

The amount of laps they swim, and endurance they show, is not only impressive and for a great cause, but stands to help the young swimmers as they gain strength and stamina for their upcoming meets.

Swimmers ages 10 and younger swam continuously for an hour, and the participants ages 11 and older were in the water for two hours straight. All told, the Torpedoes were making a splash during a four-hour stretch.

“This is a really fun event for the kids,” said Carl Fagerholm, who runs the Torpedoes’ program and serves as its head coach. “This is one of the highlights of the season.”

Student and parent volunteers were on hand to help encourage the children and tally their laps as they swam freestyle, and performed the backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly throughout the day.


SHOP Presents Scholarship Funds to NSA

From The Newtown Bee - By Shannon Hicks
Glenn Nanavaty, president and treasurer of Newtown Scholarship Association (NSA), recently accepted a donation of $1,000 from Sandy Hook Organization for Prosperity (SHOP), representing the funds for SHOP’s annual scholarship.

Glenn Nanavaty, left, president and treasurer of Newtown Scholarship Association (NSA), acceptS a donation of $1,000 from Joe Hemingway, president of Sandy Hook Organization for Prosperity (SHOP), representing the funds for SHOP’s annual scholarship.

NSA will choose the deserving recipient of the scholarship, who will be a Sandy Hook resident interested in pursuing a business major in college. Since its establishment in 2013, the SHOP Scholarship Fund has been able to award four students need-based scholarships totaling $8,000, according to Mr Nanavaty.

NSA was established in 1937 to provide need-based financial aid to residents of Newtown attending college.   


Scholarship Association Continuing Awards Gifted

From The Newtown Bee
Newtown Scholarship Association (NSA) recently announced this year’s lineup of continuing aid scholarship recipients. A total of $301,500 was awarded to 89 students who are in their sophomore, junior, or senior year of college.

In addition, 57 high school graduates were awarded $100,500 in June.

Due to the ever-rising costs of a college education, the NSA scholarships represent less than 15 percent of the unmet need for the recipients. The difference will become a huge burden of debt on the families and students, according to NSA.

The association also announced a year-end fund drive appeal will be mailed this month, when NSA will ask for the support of the Newtown community.

“It is through your generosity that we are able to provide need-based scholarships to students residing in Newtown,” said NSA Awards Chairperson Stephanie Gaston.


Karen Anderson-Cole Memorial: Margaret Kost

Angels of Sandy Hook: Sarah Hasselberger

Apple Rehab Scholarship of Hope: Sheridan McNamara

Dorothea Baker Memorial: Nicole Wielebinski

Daniel Barden/Newtown Torpedo Memorial:   Sally Martinelli

Robert Y. Brown, Jr, Memorial: William Morlock, Roland Stephen

Greg Chion Band & Color Guard Memorial:  Cherokee Belval, Sara Hetzer

Greg Chion Memorial: Dean Demers, Jr

Come Together for Newtown: Emily DeGirolamo

Lee Davenson Memorial: Alec Beauchemin

Lilla Dean Honorary/Robert Dean Memorial: Joy Sgobbo

Paul Dohrenwend Memorial: Brandon Bennett

Kirk Fraczek Memorial: Anthony Pagett

Fred Frenkel Memorial: William Bloom

Nelson Fries Memorial: Rachel Cole, Abbey Doski, Rebecca Vodola

The Garden Club of Newtown: Gabrielle Amlicke, Madeline Keane

James & Barbara Hinckley Memorial: Patricia Santayana

William Honan, Jr, Memorial: Amanda LoCascio

Ruby Johnson Memorial: Chelsea Sayegh

Mack & Virginia Lathrop Memorial: Emma Sullivan

Flora Lavery Memorial: Katherine Burns

Mathew Luf Memorial: Justin Sheridan

J.P. Maguire Memorial: Daniel Spillane

P.J. McCarthy Memorial: Melissa Biscoe, Katherine Clark, Corey Hilton, Ashlee Honiker, Rachel Maguire

Gary & Zita McMahon Memorial: Cailee Rose

Isabelle Murray Memorial: Andrea Sayegh

Newtown Earth Day Festival: Ian Lew, Zachary Marmo

Newtown Memorial Fund: Kennedy Bassett, Justin Craparo, Paige Murphy, Danielle Vabner,  Michael Vabner

Newtown Proud/Newtown Strong: Abigail Hungaski, Julia Lansing, Brittany Tolla

Newtown Savings Bank: Michael Daubert, Alexander Roche

Newtown Woman’s Club: Gabrielle Amlicke

James & Betty Lou Osborne Memorial: Evan Isaacs, Zachary Kapple, Matthew White

Norma Pierson Memorial: Sarah Smith

Justin Potter Memorial: Maria Biondi

Jack & Annabelle Rosenthal Memorial: Emily Clark

Rotary Club of Newtown: Brandon Bennett, Ryanne Duffy, Tarren Horvath, Justin Sheridan, Michelle Zarifis

H.J. Russo Honorary: Emily Berube

L.C. Russo Honorary: Meagan Foy

M.G. Russo Honorary: Kevin Gorman

Rysz Family Memorial: Suzanne Kerler

Sacred Heart University Sandy Hook Elementary School: Heather Leone

Sandy Hook Elementary School: Louis Fenaroli, Dean Demers, Jr, Patrick Haggerty, Kiely Kuligowski, Veronica Webb

Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue: Sean Reilly

Savings Bank of Danbury Foundation: Grace Hubbard, Kirsten Liniger

SHOP (Sandy Hook Organization for Prosperity): Patrick Haggerty, Kevin Liniger

Manisa E. Simoes Memorial: Katherine Martinelli

Smialowski Family Fund: Grace Clark, Sara Hetzer, Shannon O’Gorman, Allison Soderholm

Paul S. Smith Memorial: Julia LeBlanc

The Taunton Press, Inc: Emily Berube, Meagan Foy, Sally Martinelli, Rebecca Silveira

Timothy Treadwell Memorial: Anna Northrop

Dr John Ullo Memorial: Wesley Morlock

Jonathan Ullo Memorial: Nicholas Swenson

William A. Upham Memorial: William Bloom, Erica Benoit, Ashlee Honiker, Jessica Principi, Patricia Santayana, Sarah Smith

Lt Robert W. Vogel, USN Memorial: Michael Cascone, Cooper McLean, David Swigart

We Are Newtown: Briana Bauch, Rachel DiVanno, Danielle Shine, Natalie Svanda, Megan Watts

Dr Louis Wasserman Memorial: Patrick Milano, Eileen Willig; Honorary: Mary Vodola

Ruth Wuerthele Memorial: Elizabeth LoCascio


Woman's Club Donation Benefits Ten Local Groups

From The Newtown Bee - By Shannon Hicks
Newtown Woman’s Club, GFWC, Inc recently made donations to ten local organizations. The money for the donations, said Dolores Judge, chairman of the club’s Finance Committee, was raised through fundraising efforts.

According to Ms Judge, the NWC Ways & Means Committee holds various fundraisers during the club year, including the annual Woman’s Club Christmas Ornament Sale.

Newtown Woman’s Club Finance Committee Chair Dolores Judge, left, and Club Tri-President Marie Sturdevant, second from left, presented checks to representatives from seven local organizations on June 25. Continuing left is Marg Studley, Samantha Flynn, Steve Bennett, Louise Andrews, Pat Murray, Shirley Glynn, Laura Hewitt, Barbara Lynch, and Beth Caldwell.

On June 25, representatives from eight of the organizations met with Ms Judge, as well as Marie Sturdevant, one of the club’s current tri-presidents, to receive their donations. Ms Sturdevant was also representing, with Marg Studley, the Newtown chapter of Western Connecticut Hospice.

Nancy Kennedy and Evie Watts, who are also tri-presidents of the local Woman’s Club, were unable to attend the presentation.

Also on hand for the check presentations were Steve Bennett from the Newtown chapter of the Salvation Army; Beth Caldwell, chair of Newtown Labor Day Parade; Samantha Flynn, The Women’s Center of Greater Danbury; and Louise Andrews, Shirley Glynn, Laura Hewitt, Barbara Lynch, and Pat Murray, all from FAITH Food Pantry. Ms Lynch was also on hand to represent The Spay & Neuter Association of Newtown.

Donations had also been earmarked for the Board of Fire Commissioners and Newtown Scholarship Association. In addition, Ms Judge said, a donation had already been presented to C.H. Booth Library.

“We like to support our local charities,” Ms Judge told those assembled in The Mary Hawley Room of Edmond Town Hall.

To be chosen for a donation, she said, members of the women’s club make suggestions, which are then voted upon by the club. The top ten vote recipients are then given donations.


Scholarship Association Holds Annual Jack Friel Memorial Scramble

From The Newtown Bee
The Newtown Scholarship Association (NSA) held its 23rd Annual Jack Friel Memorial Golf Scramble on June 22. The event is sponsored by Newtown’s two golf venues, Rock Ridge Country Club and Newtown Country Club. The format of using the two Newtown clubs has allowed the NSA committee to put foursomes at each course and rotate teams the next year, thus all repeat teams signed up to play are playing a different course. All golfers end their day at Rock Ridge Country Club for dinner.

Carl Bailey sets up to putt his ball while his teammates Geoff Dent, Marty Rader, and Arnie Finaldi look on.

The winners playing Newtown Country Club were Chris Watson, Bob Watson, Chad Joshpe, and Steve Loughran and at Rock Ridge Country Club were Charles Nanavaty, Glenn Nanavaty, Mike Kehoe, and Terry Shanahan. Newtown High School’s girls’ and boys’ golf teams also played in the tourney. There were more than 100 participants playing golf in support of the Newtown Scholarship Association.

For 78 years, NSA has focused on its mission to put a college education within reach for every high school graduate from Newtown. This year alone, NSA awarded more than $100,000 to 60 graduating Newtown seniors and is awarding 90 students currently in college approximately $345,000 in continuing aid. The Golf Scramble is just one way NSA raises money to assist students to further their education.


Newtown Scholarship Association Holds Annual Awards Reception

From The Newtown Bee
Newtown Scholarships Association (NSA) held its Third Annual Awards Reception at The Dana-Holcombe House on Thursday, June 11. Students being awarded scholarships met with NSA members and school district educators and administration during the reception.

Newtown Scholarships Association board members, school district educators and administrators, and students mingled on the lawn at The Dana-Holcombe House prior to awards being presented during The Third Annual NSA Awards Reception June 11.  

According to the NSA, all of the awards are need based.

NSA Awards Chairperson Stephanie Gaston said the NSA was able to award 58 scholarships for $105,000 this year to high school graduates. Ms Gaston also said the NSA anticipates awarding Continuing Aid awards to students entering thier sophomore, junior, and senior years of college.

Including this year's high school graduate awards, Ms Gaston said the NSA anticipates awarding a total of $445,000 for 165 students.

2015 Graduate Award Recipients

The following are students graduating high school this school who were recognized with awards this year by the NSA. All the students are members of the Newtown High School Class of 2015, except Melissa Watts, who attended Abbott Technical School, and Justin Saint, who attended Kingswood-Oxford School. Each student's name is followed the the school to be attended in the fall and the award received.

Tess Baldino, University of New Hampshire, Virginia Lee Burroughs Memorial Award;

Deegan Beauchemin, Dickinson College, SHOP (Sandy Hook Opportunity for Prosperity) Award;

Caroline Chocholak, University of Southern California, Sandy Hook Elementary School (NSA) Award;

Jack Condon, Endicott College, Newtown Earth Day Award;

John Corbett, Marist College, Smialowski Family Fund Award;

Emily Crebbin, University of Kentucky, P.J. McCarthy Memorial Award;

Alexander Daignault, University of Maine, Jim & Betty Lou Osborne Memorial Award;

William Dalton, Elon University, The Taunton Press, Inc. Award;

Malcolm Dance, Goodwin College, Newtown Earth Day Award;

Bryce Decker, University of Connecticut, William A. Upham Memorial Award;

Casey Demers, Worcester State University, Sandy Hook Family Memorial Award;

Harrison Duffy, West Virginia University, SHOP Award;

Shaylyn Fahey, Bucknell University, Nelson Fries Memorial Award;

Kate Fallon, Bryant University, Rotary Club of Newtown Award;

Jason Ferrari, University of Connecticut, William A. Upham Memorial Award;

Troy Frangione, Western New England University, Stephen Mazuroski #73 Athlete Memorial Award;

Lilly Fulmer, George Washington University, The Taunton Press, IncAward;

Gillian Galante, Johnson & Wales University, Smialowski Family Fund Award;

Kylie Gallagher, Villanova University, Fayette Overhalt Memorial Award;

Nikole Giovannone, Mount Holyoke College, Dr Louis Wasserman Memorial Award;

Margaret Gorman, Ithaca College, Jim & Betty Lou Osborne Memorial Award;

Gregory Grasso, University of Connecticut, Smialowski Family Fund Award;

Karly Gregorio, University of Rhode Island, Barbara Lindquist Memorial Award;

Brooke Hadgraft, Manhattanville College, Sandy Hook Elementary School (NSA) Award;

Catherine Haggerty, Fairfield University, Mr & Mrs Jack Friel Memorial Award;

Kendyl Harmeling, Florida Institute of Technology, Mr & Mrs Jack Friel Memorial Award;

Justine Hawkins, Bryant University, Newtown Memorial Fund Award;

Nathyn Horvath, University of Delaware, Joseph Borrello Memorial Award;

Emma Hungaski, University of Connecticut, WIN (Women Involved in Newtown) Award;

Craig Landgrebe, University of Connecticut, William A. Upham Memorial Award;

Emma Lloyd, Ohio State University, Newtown Savings Bank Award;

Brooke Lombardo, University of New Haven, Newtown Savings Bank Award;

Jessica Longi, Naugatuck Valley Community College, William A. Upham Memorial Award;

Kyle Mangold, Shenandoah University, Paul Smith Memorial Award;

Amy Martinelli, Loyola University of Maryland, Newtown Proud/Newtown Strong Award;

Taryn McCleary, Marist College, P.J. McCarthy Memorial Award;

Megan Milano, Champlain College, Daniel Barden/Newtown Torpedo Memorial Award;

Cara Milhaven, Villanova University, Norma Pierson Memorial Award;

Rebecca Oberstadt, SUNY Brockport, Fayette Overhalt Memorial Award;

Nicole O'Leary, University of New Hampshire, L.C. Russo Honorary Award;

Madeleine Peck, Ohio University, William A. Upham Memorial Award;

Gustavo Porto, University of Connecticut, Dr Louis Wasserman Memorial Award;

Nicholas Roche, Clemson University, We Are Newtown Award;

Brandon Rodriguez, Rochester Institute of Technology, H.J. Russo Honorary Award;

Sara Rohde, University of Connecticut, William A. Upham Memorial Award;

Bailey Smith, East Carolina State University, M.G. Russo Honorary Award;

Shelby Tolla, Marist College, Garden Club of Newtown Award;

Sierra Toomey, Eckerd College, Leonard J. Manz Memorial Award;

Lauren Tripodi, DeSales University, Rebecca VanSyckle Memorial Award;

Tonya Tucker, University of Connecticut, Rotary Club of Newtown Award;

Michael Unschuld, Cornell University, Come Together for Newtown Award;

David Vallerie, Jr, Pennsylvania College of Technology, Lt. Robert W. Vogel, USN Memorial Award;

Anthony Vournazos, University of Connectiut, Lee Davenson Memorial Award;

Zachary Weiland, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, William A. Upham Memorial Award;

Clara Whaley, Fairfield University, Smialowski Family Fund Award;

Joseph Whelan, Berklee College of Music, Savings Bank of Danbury Award;

Melissa Watts, Southern Connecticut State University, Sandy Hook Elementary School (NSA) Award; and

Justin Saint, University of Miami, Lee Davenson Memorial Award.


Scholarship Association Gala March 7 At Waterview

From The Newtown Bee
The Betty Lou Osborne Memorial Scholarship Ball to benefit Newtown Scholarship Association will take place at The Waterview, Monroe, on March 7 starting at 6 pm.

Baseball legend Bobby Valentine, who is now the executive director of athletics at Sacred Heart University, will be the auctioneer for this year’s Betty Lou Osborne Memorial Scholarship Ball. The event is a fundraiser for Newtown Scholarship Association.

The event will feature dinner, dancing, raffles, and silent and live auctions. Special guest baseball legend Bobby Valentine will throw his support behind the NSA as the evening’s auctioneer.

Auction highlights will include a 3-night stay at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn, including wine tastings and seminars; a three-night stay in the French Quarter of New Orleans; two packages for stays in New York City including hotel, theater, dinner, and transportation; a Kaoud Oriental  carpet and design consultation; and an Astronaut Adventure at Kennedy Space Center.

A longtime NSA board member, Betty Lou Osborne was a champion of Newtown’s young people. She was committed to ensuring that financial need would not stand in the way of a young person’s ability to go to college.

Thanks in large part to Betty Lou’s commitment and vision, NSA to date has provided over $4 million in financial assistance to help hundreds of students from Newtown attain a college education.

Tickets for the scholarship ball are $150 per person. The Waterview is at 215 Roosevelt Drive in Monroe, less than half a mile southeast of the Newtown town line.

For tickets or for more information about how to support NSA, contact Linda Trentacosta at 203-426-2339  or  or Valerie Principi, or visit


Torpedoes Continue Fundraising Efforts

From The Newtown Bee, By Andy Hutchison
The Newtown Torpedoes youth swim program, sponsored by Newtown Parks & Recreation, held its second annual Swim-A-Thon at Newtown High School on January 31. Dozens of swimmers in three age groups – 8 and unders, 9-10-year-olds, and 11 and overs – combined to complete consecutive laps during the four-hour event at the Newtown High School pool.

The Newtown Torpedoes Swim-A-Thon, held at Newtown High School on January 31, drew dozens of swimmers who are raising money through donations and pledges for the Newtown Scholarship Association to support The Daniel Barden Newtown Torpedo Scholarship, as well as go toward present and future needs of the team.

Swimmers are raising money through donations and pledges for the Newtown Scholarship Association to support The Daniel Barden Newtown Torpedo Scholarship, as well as go toward present and future needs of the team.

The scholarship will be given every year to a graduating Newtown High School swimmer in memory of Daniel Barden, a Torpedoes teammate who died on 12/14. Money raised from this year’s Swim-A-Thon will also go toward the present and future needs of the team.

Student volunteers helped set up the lanes and track laps completed by the Torpedoes swimmers while cheering them on. Among those on hand to donate their time were Newtown High swimmers who came up through the Torpedoes program.

“It’s a good program and we wanted to help out because we started with the Torpedoes,” said Newtown High senior Eliza Eggleston.

The Torpedoes, Coached by Carl Fagerholm and Lisa Irving – both of whom ran the event once again – practice and compete throughout the winter. The postseason will unfold in February. On January 31, there was no competition – just the challenge of swimming lap after lap … after lap.

“Being here and helping out – it’s almost like going full circle,” said volunteer Kate Martinelli, adding that she was excited to see the progress of some of the up-and-coming athletes she gave swim lessons during past years.

“It’s very rewarding. It’s easy to do and it’s nice to give back,” said her sister, Amy Martinelli, also a Torpedoes alumna.

Akash Ahuja, a member of the Newtown boys’ swimming and diving team and volunteer, said at the beginning of the event that he was interested to see the skill and stamina of the young swimmers. “It’s a great cause,” he added.

If you would like to support the Newtown Torpedoes, online donations may be made through the Newtown Parks & Recreation home page. The Torpedoes are accepting donations through February 9. Last year, the team members swam more than 11,000 laps and collected $27,000.