The Newtown Scholarship Association was established in 1937 to promote and advance the education of secondary school graduates residing in Newtown, CT, by providing need-based financial aid to Newtown students.



Following is a current list of active scholarships.


  • Garden Club of Newtown

  • Hertberg Family Foundation

  • Newtown Earth Day
    Preference given to a student pursuing a degree in forestry/environmental sciences. Amount is open ended.

  • Newtown Savings Bank
    Preference given to a student pursuing a business/finance major. Amount is open ended and more than one is usually awarded each year.

  • Newtown Woman’s Club

  • Rotary Club of Newtown
    Preference given to students with significant community service hours. Amount is open ended and more than one is usually awarded each year.

  • Savings Bank of Danbury Foundation

  • SHOP (Sandy Hook Organization for Prosperity)
    This scholarship was established in the fall of 2012. It is to be awarded to a Sandy Hook resident who is majoring in business. Amount is open ended.

  • The Taunton Press, Inc.
    Preference given to an English/writing/journalism major. Amount is open ended.

  • Women Involved in Newtown


  • Apple Rehab Scholarship of Hope

  • Angels of Sandy Hook

  • Come Together for Newtown

  • Newtown Memorial Fund

  • Newtown Proud / Newtown Strong

  • Newtown Strong (2)

  • Sacred Heart University

  • Sandy Hook Elementary School

  • Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire and Rescue

  • We Are Newtown


  • Lila and Robert Dean

  • Jason Edwards Family

  • LaRocque Family Scholarship

  • Obre Music School

  • Mr. & Mrs. J.P. Maguire

  • Anne and Kris Nanavaty

  • Russo Family

  • Smialowski Family Fund


  • Kenneth Adams

  • Daniel Barden, Newtown Torpedo

  • Dorothea Baker

  • Joseph Borrello

  • Robert Y. Brown, Jr.

  • Virginia Lee Burroughs

  • Anne B. Carlson

  • Greg Chion

  • Greg Chion Band & Color Guard

  • Karen Anderson Cole

  • Sylvea & Nelson Curtis

  • Lee Davenson

  • Paul Dohrenwend

  • Ryan Fetchick #368 (Learn about Ryan.)

  • Kirk Fraczek

  • Fred Frenkel

  • Mr. & Mrs. Jack Friel

  • Nelson & Eleanor Fries

  • Joseph Hammond

  • James & Barbara Hinckley

  • William Honan, Jr.

  • Kenneth & Ruby Johnson

  • Mack & Virginia Lathrop

  • Flora Lavery

  • Barbara Lindquist

  • Mathew Luf

  • Leonard J. Manz

  • Stephen Mazuroski, #73 Athlete

  • P.J. McCarthy

  • Gary & Zita McMahon

  • Brennan Merrick

  • Isabelle Murray

  • Newtown Bee

  • Daniel E. Offutt, III

  • James & Betty Lou Osborne

  • Fayette Overholt

  • Pattison Family Scholarship

  • Norma Pierson

  • Platt Family

  • Justin Potter

  • Brett Pryor

  • Jesse T. Roche (Learn about Jesse.)

  • Jack & Annabelle Rosenthal

  • Rysz Family

  • Manisa E. Simoes

  • Dr. & Mrs. Russell Strasburger

  • Timothy Treadwell

  • Dr. John J. Ullo

  • Jonathan Ullo

  • William Upham

  • Rebecca VanSyckle

  • Lt. Robert W. Vogel, USN

  • Dr. Louis Wasserman

  • Eileen Willig

  • Ruth Wuerthele


Theo Hartlett was able to follow his passion for music with help from The Newtown Scholarship Association!

Honor a family member, business associate or friend by establishing a Named, Honorary, or Memorial Scholarship.

Initial minimum donation is $1,000.

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