A Brief Introduction to Newtown Scholarship Association

The Newtown Scholarship Association (NSA) was established as a nonprofit organization in 1937 to promote and advance the education of secondary school graduates residing in Newtown, CT by providing needs-based financial aid to Newtown students. In its history, the NSA has helped 3,000 students achieve a post-secondary education, and awarded over $4 million in scholarships. Currently, more than 125 (new and continuing) students are awarded more than $300,000 annually.

The NSA consists of a Board of Governors of up to 19 volunteer members. The Board of Governors meet once a month, nine months of the year. The Board Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Correspondence Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer) act between the board meetings as decisions are needed. There are a number of Committees that help carry out the work of the NSA. The Awards Committee is a standing committee of the Board and all other committees (Governance, Finance, Development & Fundraising Events) are at the discretion of the President. The NSA also, for nearly all of its close to 80 years, conducts a very successful annual fund drive. All Board of Governors are required to be active committee members, taking responsibility to chair committees, and over time serve as Officers of the NSA.

Throughout its rich history, the NSA has not only raised millions of dollars through fundraising activities, but has also established Honorary, Named, and Memorial Scholarships in honor of family members, business associates or friends. A full listing of these scholarships can be viewed on our website at www.newtownscholarship.org.

Over the years, scores of students have benefited from the work of NSA, allowing them an opportunity that would otherwise be out of reach. The results of all our efforts in the short term are obvious: thankful students who each year join campuses all across the country. The long-term result is the countless contributions of nurses and educators, business leaders and media professionals, community leaders and public servants. We have helped generations of Newtown's best and brightest earn their rightful places as leaders in society. We are proud that over the years recipients of NSA scholarships have not only given donations, but also have served on the Board of Governors.

NSA's rich history is marked by rapid change, enormous energy, and exceptional achievements. The need to help our youth pursue their dreams of higher education has never been more real as it is today. Scholarship in particular gives us an opportunity to do just that, by investing in our youth. In order to accomplish our goal, the Board of Governors needs to continue to maintain a robust organization with a healthy financial position that requires an emphasis on fundraising, public relations, marketing, technology, planning and investments, to mention a few.